1.    Can I register individually?

        Yes, you can register individually. Your group will be comprised of other participants who have also registered individually. 

2.    Can I register on behalf of my school or college?

        Yes, you can register on behalf of your school or college if you are authorised to do so by them (eg, if you are the teacher-in-charge or in the debating society, for instance). Subject to numbers, your group will include only participants from your institution.

3.    What are the charges for the programmes?

        The charges are as follows (payable before the programme commences): 
            Think, It’s Critical: Rs 8,000/- (plus GST) per head
            Introduction to Parliamentary Debating: Rs 5,000 (plus GST) per head
            Both programmes: Rs 10,000/- (plus GST) per head
    Reason to Debate is independent and completely self-funded. The charges reflect what is reasonable and necessary to ensure that the programmes are sustainable in the long run. However, committed as we are to democratising access to this unique pedagogical project, please write to us if you have any concerns on this count. We will do our best to accommodate everyone!

4.    Who will benefit from the ‘Think, It’s Critical’ programme?

        The ‘Think, It’s Critical’ programme is targeted at high-school students (classes 9-12), although under-graduate students from various disciplines will also find it useful. If you are interested in learning how to think about and articulate your views on issues of intellectual value beyond the school curriculum, this course is for you. 

5.    Who will benefit from the ‘Introduction to Parliamentary Debating’ programme?

        The ‘Introduction to Parliamentary Debating’ programme is targeted at debaters and adjudicators at the under-graduate / university level. Of course, high-school students with a keen interest in parliamentary debating will also find it useful. The aim is to prepare you to perform at your best at competitive debating tournaments.

6.    Can I sign up for both programmes? 

        Yes, you can. The two programmes will be conducted separately.

7.    When will the programmes be conducted?

        Each programme is designed to be conducted over eight consecutive weeks (two days a week).

Typically, each programme / batch will commence at the beginning of each month, although the exact dates for each session will be confirmed in consultation with the group.

8.    What are the training sessions like?

        The sessions are highly interactive with a number of practical exercises (not a webinar or lecture!). The atmosphere is light and friendly, but the programme content is rigorous and challenging. The aim is to ensure that you can receive individual feedback, attention, and analysis to develop your skills, which is why there is a limit on the number of participants for each programme / batch.  You can see what others have to say about the programmes here. 

9.    Is there an assessment or grading mechanism?

        There is a participation certificate, but there is no ‘examination’ and there are no ‘model answers’, because the focus is on how you can best develop your skills. Different participants will have different interests, inclinations, and aptitudes for different kinds of topics, so we do not see any value in either ranking participants in relation to each other or marking them as against a (subjectively-determined) set of questions. The interactive and practical exercises throughout the programme, coupled with individual feedback and analysis from the trainers, should enable you to see the change in your own abilities over the course of the eight weeks.  

10.    Where do I sign up?

        You can register on the registration page here, and we will get in touch!